Vinsantos lives a double life. He works full time as a visual artist creating one of a kind assemblage Art Dolls that fall under the moniker Kreeture New Orleans. He also works full time as a musician/performance artist. The lines between these two different art forms are most definitely a blur. Having grown up in San Francisco, Ca, he took to the stage at an early age both in theater and music. In his early twenties, he discovered the world of Drag and found a way to incorporate these newly found lessons into both his living and the visual arts. After moving to New Orleans in 2007, Vinsantos turned to the various arts markets as a way to make a living and was immediately disenchanted by the repetition in styles and subject matter that surrounded him. He set out to make something that he hadn't quite seen before, pulling from techniques as a mosaic artist, and a costumer. This led very quickly into the world of doll making mixed with techniques from previously used mediums, which he now calls Assemblage Art Dolls for lack of a better term. "The characters found in Kreeture stem from my years on the underground performance art circuit. I've spent many years in the public spotlight either as a live musician, a Drag artist, and more often as a combination of both."  Kreeture New Orleans is a look behind the scenes of a life that most of us only dare to dream. Divas, Buskers, Circus Freaks and Connoisseurs of the Costume and Make up arts, to name a few, are subjects explored within each custom made box.