Shawn Ray Harris graduated with an BFA from the U of U where he studied photography, painting and drawing - when he wasn't working out with the swim team. Since then his art has taken many paths as he changed locations from Utah to San Francisco to a small town in Colorado. Shawns' desire to push the limits of his craft by challenging our perception of ourselves and the world around us has been a constant driving force. His goal is to amuse and enlighten with photographic stories that are open to interpretation. He uses humor as a tool to disarm but also to shed light on cultural adaptations and contradictions. Our perception of the world around us and the stories we tell are colored by our individual and cultural experience. Let's make our stories fun to tell.

"This body of work entitled ‘Hadaptation’ began as a way of creating character based narratives with my camera, using self portraiture with anonymity. The animal mask is a prop I employ that serves several functions. First and foremost, it represents creatures that typically have no voice in our culture. A connection can often be made between animal and viewer that is not always possible with traditional portrait photography. The animal can be empathized with in many ways, often leaving out judgment/prejudice. A certain amount of unconditional love exists between us and our animal relations that allows for open curiosity while viewing the work. Hadaptation plays on the notion that animals are [re]adapting (or more appropriately, post adaptation) to changing and abnormal environments. I like this post-adaptation to have a sense of play and humor that creates a push and pull with my characters in hopes of drawing the viewer in. I’m interested in portraying situations that have a delicate balance between the character and his or her surroundings, leaving the story unfinished - to be completed, questioned, and interacted with by the viewer."